The Last Lands

15 EUR

Author: Maria Ludovica Santini

ISBN: 978-88-99058-03-6 
Language: Eng 
Pages: 128 - Risograph printing 
Size: 110 x 155 mm 
Print run: 200 copies 
Year: 2016 
series: Carte blanche 

A Glossary, an Atlas, a User’s manual, a small land held in a box. 
These are the travel notes about the Last Lands, and the true Last Lands and their meaning at the beginning of the 20th century. Which words describe lands that are more whishes than true? How to represent the search for landscapes that are daily kept by a satellite’s eye? What to do with the “brown gold”, which has been already plundered, occupied, consumed and sometimes forgotten? This book is keeping the secret of an imaginary pioneers’ quest and impossible journeys, as everything is already known. 
This book wants to remind us of the capability of travelling and discovering, it shows the way of the Mount Analogue… The secret of land is held in a small box, and in the belief that something is still invisible, something is still kept unknown.