Sportification. Eurovisions, Performativity and Playgrounds

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Sportification is a series of research, cultural and artistic actions that fuel Sportification, Eurovisions, Performativity and Playgrounds. It is an interdisciplinary research focused on the analysis of the subject of sport, agonism and play today. Paris has been the starting point for this route that connects several European cities in relation to the specific urban landscape and the various playgrounds and surveys. The basis of the work is a series of texts / essays by experts and curators inspired by a vast archive of pictures and videos of the famous TV show No Limits / Jeux Sans Frontieres / Spiel Onhe Grenzen / It’s a Knockout, which is the master guide of Book, a “true” archeology of playful play from the days of picturesque villages, to the Eurovision, to the post-political era of the European Community. The project that rides the utopia of a “playful and light” society underlines the work of “sportivizzazione” of the social body and the extreme politicization of sport in Europe. The series of artistic interventions in various playgrounds have prepared the theoretical ground for the publication combining a wide categorization of artistic performances (section 2 / Performativity) compared to the popular television show public show. The first section (Eurovisions) is composed of a rich, multicolored and paradoxical iconographic piece of Eurovision games without frontiers born with the political support of Charles De Gaulle on the co-operation axis between Italy and France. The book also contains in the third part (Playgrounds) various projects applied to the various “sites” that measure theory with artistic practice. To close a visual bibliography with many documents from private and public archives such as the Library of the Charles De Gaulle Foundation, which speak of “European Village”, the naive collective utopia of a unified state of play and sport democracy. The Games without Borders, in fact, were born from the will to integrate and disprove Europe that had just overcome the great world conflicts.

Published by Viaindustriae publishing