Slices of Life

20 EUR

Author: Elia Romanelli, Piero Vereni, Ottavia Castellina 
Publisher: bruno 
ISBN: 978-88-99058-06-7 
Language: Eng 
Pages: 176 + 32 (booklet) - Offset printing 
Size: 165 x 240 mm 
Year: 2015 

This cookbook consists of life stories and photo portraits where each recipe becomes a blind date – a culinary encounter with someone you don’t really know.

52 recipes from starters to desserts including a range of meat, fish, pasta, vegetable dishes, and a cocktail. By rejecting the usual categories and freeing itself from received culinary wisdom, it creates a new genre. This is indeed the first cookbook to feature recipes from punk, pop art, spiritual-medium, cosplay, veteran and many other types of cuisine.

The recipe suggestions come from a diversity of cultures. If you wish to follow them, you need to be prepared to turn your kitchen into a place of unprecedented experimentation.

If you believe that “we are what we eat”, then there is opportunity for change in the dishes of others. 
Enjoy, if you wish. 

Review by Nicol Degli Innocenti, FOOD 24 — il Sole 24 Ore