Rob Pruitt’s eBay Flea Market: Year 1

20 EUR

Author: Rob Pruitt 
Commissioning Editor: Tommaso Speretta 
ISBN: 978-88-99058-09-8 
Language: Eng 
Pages: 296 - Offset printing 
Size: 145 x 220 mm 
Year: 2015 

This book is an unconventional autobiography. It retraces one year in the life of Rob Pruitt through the quotidian objects that the artist once loved, consumed, then felt he didn't need anymore. An extension of the real-world flea markets, that he has been organizing since the early 1990's, this particular collection of belongings sold on eBay from September 23 2013- September 23 2014 unearths precious fragments of Pruitt's life while revealing his most material desires. 

Review by Irene Guida, exibart

Review by Paul Maziar, Artcritical