(In)Visible Dialogues — Elias Arnér & Per Hüttner & Åbäke

50 EUR

(In)Visible Dialogues allow art and science to meet in harmony as well as friction. The project brings together leading specialists from Europe, Asia, Australia and USA to stimulate meaningful dialogues about life and the boundaries of reality. (In)Visible Dialogues was initiated by artist Per Hüttner and Elias Arnér, professor in biochemistry at Karolinska Institutet in close collaboration with graphic designers Åbäke in London and a group of sound artists from all over the world. The project is a continuation of Begrepp – en Samling (Concepts – a collection) that was realized by the two former in 1992 at Konstakademin.
(In)Visible Dialogues is a project at Konstakademien in Stockholm which includes a number of internationally acclaimed speakers from different disciplines. Predrag Petrovic´, A Constructed World, Konrad Kaufmann, Arijana Kajfes, Sandra Masur, Laurent Devèze, Véronique Wiesinger & Hugo Lagercrantz.

published by Dent-de-Leone