Anatomy of the E-commerce

30 EUR

The objects of our desire keep appearing non-stop on computer screens, tablets and smartphones as pictures complying with a specific code enticing us to make one of the few choices human beings are left with: to decide whether or not to buy what we see.
In order to appear all the more “natural” as an integral part of the talent’s body, objects are represented and staged on the body itself, turning anatomy into a downright background where they find practical use and a seemingly ultimate destination.
The use of the human body subordinate to online sales goes along with its ancillary representation of something in need of a number of different – and often useless – devices defining the identity of their owners.
Our observations move around the concept of anatomy in the form of “dissected” bodies turned to scenery by e-commerce practices in order to make our wishes come true, thus placing ourselves at the service of Western economy.

Published by BlisterZine